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The Vocal Technique of Great Singers

The Shigo Voice Studio integrates the principles of the old Italian school of singing—il bel canto—with scientific understanding of vocal function, and the healing power of music in a supportive environment.  

It is founded on direct knowledge and deep study of the legendary teachings of Manuel García, Pauline Viardot-García, and Francesco Lamperti—a historic lineage comprising both the scientific and empirical schools of singing that is illuminated through the revolutionary perspective of Alfred Tomatis—the Einstein of the Ear, who explored the relationship between the ear, body, mind and voice.

Authentic. Voice. Transformation. 


Historic Teachings from a Revolutionary Perspective

Voice Lessons in New York City & Online

classical, opera, Musical Theatre, Choral, Cabaret, Pop, GOspel, Rock, Jazz


Historic Teachings from a Revolutionary Perspective 

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Daniel teaches the individual rather than a method, and gives each student the tools to find their true, authentic voice. Benefits of this training include: 

  • beauty of tone—clear, full & free 
  • mastery of the breath  
  • amplitude of resonance
  • clarity of diction
  • equalization of and access to all registers
  • extension of range to two octaves & beyond
  • thrill & joy of singing
  • youthful-sounding voice to an advanced age
  • great freedom & depth of expression
  • executive ability in bel canto vocal technique: coloratura, trills, messa di voce, mezza voce, crescendo and decrescendo, arpeggio, martellato, marcato, etc. 
  • acquisition of an absolute technique for classical, musical theatre, jazz, pop, gospel, country, cabaret 
  • transformative voice—singing & speaking from the source 


Extensive experience with the work of Tomatis has enabled Daniel to understand and implement the teachings of the old Italian school in an unique manner; one which has practical application for singers, actors, and public speakers. This approach is represented in the studio's logo by a Fibonacci spiral—or golden spiral—which represents the ear and its inner workings/integration with the body.   


Daniel offers workshops, lectures, and masterclasses on the principles of bel canto as informed by recent investigations within the fields of psychoacoustics, neuroplasticity, and motor-learning theory. Straight-forward in nature, these presentations are designed to give participants the tools to fulfill their vocal potential.


About daniel 

DANIEL JAMES SHIGO is a vocal pedagogue, singer, scholar, and author living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan near Lincoln Center. His students appear on concert and opera stages around the world. 

Teacher Training

The SHIGO VOICE STUDIO will offer advanced training for voice teachers during the summer of 2018. Contact Daniel for more information. 

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