Daniel is an extremely knowledgeable, engaging, and kind teacher. I sought him out as I was looking to study the vocal practices that cultivated the greatest singers of the past and present. Our lessons never disappoint. I am singing better than ever and have a technique that is making a difference for my vocal students.
— Laura Kate Marshall, soprano, voice teacher
Daniel James Shigo is pure genius. Within a few months of lessons, I had techniques that would last a lifetime. Working as a musical theatre performer nationally and abroad for many years, I can honestly say I’m now singing on a different level. I’m honored to be able to study with this patient and caring teacher.
— Larry Stephen Hines, baritone, musical theatre
Daniel’s teaching is a wonderful marriage of science and art. Who could ask for anything more?
— Josephine Mongiardo, President of The NYSTA
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Daniel is a knowledgeable, sensitive and supportive teacher. The vocal philosophy he teaches is organic and rooted in the Italian School, which helps the student achieve a balance of warmth and clarity. I would recommend him highly to students at any level.
— Gregory Purnhagen, baritone, Philip Glass Ensemble
Enthusiasm & Erudition. These are two words I associate with Daniel James Shigo and I am delighted to take the online singing coaching with him which links us across the Atlantic. Daniel has something to offer the professional, aspiring professional, and dedicated amateur singer. It is great as a voice coach to share ideas together to deepen awareness and understanding. Daniel’s teaching is based on solid research and extensive performing experience. The lessons are a delight!
— Andrew P. Bennett, tenor, voice coach, Fellow of Trinity College, London
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Daniel James Shigo came and worked with our students at Pennsbury High School in a master-class setting. I found his teaching to be enlightening to our young singers, and offering great insight, depth and thought provoking ideas for them to build upon in their study of singing. I would welcome him back anytime!
— James D. Moyer, Director of Choral Activities, Pennsbury High School, Fairless Hills, PA.
Daniel James Shigo is an extraordinary vocal teacher with uncanny ability to hear the students true voice. He provides a solid structure and base in a supportive environment that encourages growth in the art of singing.
— Mary Burch, mezzo-soprano
I became Daniel’s student after years of studying voice and performing regularly. As a shouting, bellowing preacher for twenty of my younger years, I hadn’t been kind to my voice! What I needed, since I became a musical theatre and cabaret singer, was a keen diagnostician and a patient Bel Canto teacher to help me achieve a pure tone. Over the course of five months, my performance has been transformed. It’s the voice that I was looking for.
— Gary Lizardo, tenor, actor, cabaret, musical theatre
I have been studying with Daniel for a while now, and am finding it very beneficial. He’s a thoughtful and enthusiastic teacher. When I do what he tells me, it works!
— Jeff Macauley, tenor. Cabaret