Historic Teachings from a Revolutionary Perspective

The Shigo Voice Studio integrates the principles of the old Italian school of singing, scientific understanding of vocal function, and the healing power of music in a supportive environment.  

It is founded on direct knowledge and deep study of the teachings of legendary singing masters Manuel García, Pauline Viardot-García, and Francesco Lamperti—a historic lineage comprising both the scientific and empirical schools of singing that is illuminated through the revolutionary perspective of Alfred Tomatis—the Einstein of the Ear, who explored the relationship between the ear, body, mind and voice.

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DANIEL JAMES SHIGO is a vocal pedagogue, singer, and scholar. His first book, Hidden in Plain Sight: The Hermann Klein Phono-Vocal Method Based upon the Famous School of Manuel García, reveals the lost teachings of the father of voice science. Daniel teaches a limited number of students—predominantly Classical and Musical Theatre artists—at his home studio near Lincoln Center and at rehearsal space in Manhattan.


The Vocal Technique of Great Singers 

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What do many modern vocal pedagogues take for granted? The role of the ear in singing. Not so the august teachers of the past who had their methods for engaging it. The Shigo Voice Studio logo utilizes a Fibonacci or golden spiral that represents the awakening of the ear; the ear's integration with the muscles of the body; and the rediscovery of the principles of the old Italian school of singing. 

There are two divine sensations in life, and one of them is singing!
— Margaret Harshaw